Move your body to tackle period poverty.

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Move4Dignity this October to make a life-changing impact

This year we are so excited to bring a new element of the challenge to move, you have the freedom to choose how you get moving to support Share the Dignity.

Move4Dignity is an inclusive, virtual event allowing anyone of mixed ability to take part.

You can surf, dance, cycle, walk, skate, ride, or even skip to provide dignity to those who are forced to go without period products.

Register for Move

But we can't do it without you, and we promise we will be here along the way to support you with lots of tools and resources to help you fundraise.

Once you've registered and created your page you will be able to connect your fitness app to share your workouts. You will also receive an invitation to our Facebook group where you can connect with others also joining the movement.

Your fundraising will provide others with a dignified experience managing their period, which can be life-changing.


Raise $48 within the first 48 hours of registering.

Steps to get moving

1. Register yourself or join a team in either run, yoga, or move (which encompasses any other sport). 

2. Put your best foot forward by donating to yourself or asking your family and friends to support you.

3. In October remind your network of your goal and why you’re taking part, then share your progress.

Raised so far


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Frequently asked questions

What is Move4Dignity 

Move4Dignity is a virtual exercise event that will be running throughout the month of October. Everyone who registers will set their own exercise goal and create a fundraising page. This page is a place where they can share their progress and collect donations for Share the Dignity.  

When does it start?  

Registrations for Move4Dignity will open in July, and fundraising is encouraged up until the end of October. The virtual challenge is running throughout the entire month of October.  

How do I register?  

Simple, choose whether you will run or walk, yoga or move your own way and select register.  Enter your details to confirm your registration and set up your fundraising page.  

Who is Share the Dignity?  

Share the Dignity is an Australian Charity aiming to end period poverty in Australia. Our mission is to ensure that people experiencing period poverty have the dignity of access to period products to manage their period because these items are a basic human right, not a privilege. 

How do I fundraise?  

Let people know you’re participating via social media and tell them why you’re so passionate to help people all around Australia doing it tough. People can then donate to your cause through your fundraising page. 

Does it cost money to get involved? 

It’s $25 for an individual and $20 if you’re part of a team to register. This fee will include a participation medal and a certificate at the completion of the challenge. All profit raised from registrations and any fundraising from the campaign supports women in crisis and Share the Dignity’s mission.  

Thanks to our Move4Dignity sponsors