By Rochelle Courtenay


If you didn’t already hear, you should know that #ItsMyBloodyBirthday soon! I have always loved spending my birthday with the most important people in my life.

From a little girl of 5, to a big girl now at 52 I have always loved my birthday. One of my favourite gifts as a little girl was always a new doll, omg I loved the smell of a new doll and the endless joy of play! Now I love nothing more than helping women and girls in need. 

I am so grateful for the privileges I have had, and it is so important to me to do what I can to ensure every woman and girl can go through life with the opportunities and dignity they deserve.

So, join me in celebrating my birthday by making a donation to provide essential access of period products to those in need via our Dignity Vending Machines.

These are a world first innovation that provides free and dignified access to period products.  Each donation will help fund period packs which restock these machines and ensure that women do not feel ashamed or embarassed when dealing with their period, or about needing to ask for help. 

I appreciate any support you are able to give because together we have the power to change the world.

Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity works to make a real, on the ground difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, or doing it tough. They distribute period products to those in need and work to end period poverty here in Australia.

When someone is doing it tough, the last thing on their mind should be dealing with their period.

They assist those in need by collecting thousands of period products each year through collection drives and campaigns and distribute them directly to charities across Australia.

Thank you to these #BloodyLegends who have donated to my #ItsMyBloodyBirthday!


Ngaire Stirling

Keep up the important work!


Marianne Kintzel

Happy Bloody Birthday to you! It's great work you do, keep the passion for loving people and offering help.


Joy Parkinson

Happy birthday! Love this!


Michelle Culnane

I love and honour your work


Emily Vernon

Happy Birthday you amazing lady, keep shining your bright light xx


Lisa Wilson

Happy Birthday, love this!!


Peter Graham

Happy Birthday!


Vanessa Rowe

Thank you for everything you do to eradicate period poverty! You are a legend and this is my favourite charity !


Sandra Robinson

Happy Birthday Rochelle




Lisa Barker


Carole-ann Kerford

Happy birthday you bloody legend! ❤️


Enma Lowe

Happy birthday fellow Aquarian, I hope it’s a cracking one.