Champions of Change Workplaces

Share the Dignity is seeking expressions of interest from workplaces to participate in the Champions of Change program. This is an exclusive program with only 10 available partnership opportunities. 

As a Champion of Change Workplace, you will commit to a goal of raising $10,000 across the calendar year, through Share the Dignity's organised initiatives and/or through your own activities. Showing a strong commitment by your organisation and its employees to helping Australian women and girls dealing with period poverty.

Not only will your organisation be making a tangible difference in the community but your employees will have the opportunity to together engage in activities for purpose and practice the values of both your organisation and our inspiring leaders of the world. 

Share the Dignity will provide support to your organisation throughout the year and work with you to achieve your goals. 

With women, girls, and those who menstruate across Australia missing out on an education because they do not have access to period products. Your fundraising efforts will make a life-changing difference in our community, something that your workplace community will be able to celebrate together. 

Benefits of becoming a Champion of Change Workplace

By becoming a Champion of Change Workplace, Share the Dignity will offer a number of benefits to your organisation in exchange for the change-making partnership.

Below is an outline of the benefits that you would receive:

  • Use of Champions of Change logo on your website and for any collateral sharing that you are a 2021 Champion of Change
  • Content for your website to promote your role as a Champion of Change and how you are supporting Share the Dignity
  • A champion of Change social media tile to share on your social channels
  • A social media post on our social channels to promote your onboarding as Champions of Change
  • A linked In post to promote your onboarding as Champions of Change
  • Listed as a Champion of Change workplace on our website
  • Listed as a Champion of Change in our annual report
  • Your workplace will be recognized by a dedicated Dignity Vending Machine, with your organisational branding and your workplace will get to choose a name for the machine
  • Opportunity for Share the Dignity's Founder to speak at one of your events
  • An invitation for 2 employees to be invited to a Share the Dignity workshop to gain purpose-driven experience on a real charity business challenge
  • Certificates and statements of service for any employees who are involved with the organising of activities associated with Champions of Change
  • Opportunities for additional media and additional social media and Linked In support, where mutually beneficial

To become a Champion of Change Workplace, simply click the link below and complete an expression of interest. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss your expression of interest. 

How Champion of Change Workplaces make a difference

Rochelle,  met with a young woman who has had nothing but heartache in her life. Her mum living in domestic violence, and the violence turns to this young girl so she chooses it's safer to just flee her family home and cut all ties. She finds herself sleeping on friends couches but never really thinking she is homeless, things are tough and for this young woman, going to school is the safest place she knows. A place where she feels her life is somewhat "normal".
Period Products are not something she can afford and as if life is not already tough enough, dealing with her period is simply about using wadded up toilet paper and using period products that she sometimes asks friends for, and then using a tampon for far too long...
For this young woman, ending up in the hospital with Toxic shock was inevitable. But for us, a scary reality, knowing that this is happening in our country. 
So will you help girls and woman in Australia by becoming a Champion of Change workplace?

Our 2021 Champions of Change Workplaces

Share the Dignity Champion of Change Gedeon Richter

Become a Champions of Change Workplace

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