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Gives the gift of dignity to a mum and her daughter whilst managing their period for three months.
Gives the gift of dignity to five people whilst managing their period for two months.
Gives the gift of dignity to a mum and her daughter whilst managing their period for a year.
Gifts the gift of dignity to a whole community of up to 152 people whilst managing their period.

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Donate today and give women and girls in Australia the gift of dignity.

Due to lockdowns in Victoria and New South Wales, our August Dignity Drive collections have been majorly impacted. We need your urgent help to ensure that we can fulfil requests for support from over 860 community organisations for 130,000 period products.

Every year Share the Dignity receives thousands of requests for period products from schools, hospitals and organisations that support their local community. On average each request is for approximately 152 items. Through our two annual Dignity Drives in March and August, Share the Dignity collects donations of period products to distribute to them.

Earlier in the year when COVID first hit, we were in the middle of our March drive and had to reject over fifty percent of applications due to not receiving enough donated products. 

As we begin our August drive and with the second wave of COVID-19 worse than earlier in the year. We are facing the reality that If we cannot raise the funds to purchase the products then we will have to again, reject applications for support and leave up to 60,000 Australians, managing their periods alone. 

Imagine your daughter, mother, sister, cousin, friend, or loved one, feeling so alone while experiencing a crisis.

Imagine them missing school and work because they have no period products. Embarrassed and nowhere to turn.

When someone is in crisis, the last thing on their mind should be dealing with their period.

Together, we have the power to change this.

A simple donation today can change someone's life.