"I did nothing but cry at the look on my daughters face.

She felt like everyone should feel... special."

Because it's not just a bag. Sponsor a bag.

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Will help fund an essentials bag for a women who is doing it tough. Your bag will ensure she is given the dignity she deserves and the essentials that so many of us take for granted.
Will help fund the ultimate teen or adult bag filled with the essentials many of us take for granted and filled with some additional special items to spread some love and hope.
Will help fund the ultimate Mum and Baby Bag. (Two bags). The ultimate baby bag will include everything needed for a new mum to care for a newborn baby. Mum will be looked after too with all the essentials to look after her own personal care along with some special extra items to give the gift of love and hope to a new mum who is feeling alone and scared.

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You can make a difference for someone doing it tough.

Your donation will help to send bags to women and girls doing it tough. Through our #ItsInTheBag campaign we have collected 92,134 bags which is incredible but we are unfortunately still over 10,000 bags short, meaning women and girls will go without. A reality which breaks our hearts

Please help us this year try to fill the gaps and ensure that no women goes without the very basic essentials of life.

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Christmas is a time for love, spreading the holiday cheer, and enjoying the smaller things in life, like taking a break from what's been a busy year, and making happy memories with your family...

But unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. For some Christmas time looks very different...


For some COVID has forced them into financial hardship, living under the poverty line or for some homeless.

For some this won't be their first Christmas alone, or on the streets with nowhere to turn. 

For some this will be their first Christmas with a baby. Alone with no funds or loved ones to support them. 

 It's more than a bag.  Sprinkle some love this Christmas 



Women and girls have recieved an #ItsInTheBag Donation in 2019



#ItsInTheBag Donations were requested from charities in 2019



Women and girls have received an #ItsInTheBag Donation since 2015

Your donation will give the gift of love to people like Anna. 

 A mother in her thirties, (let’s call her Anna) contacted Share the Dignity to thank us so much for the kind gift herself and her teenage daughter had received. She and her 13-year-old daughter received an #itsinthebag Christmas appeal donation.

Anna had been living in a car for 8 months with her 4 children ages 2, 5, 10, and 13 years old. She told us about her 13-year-old daughter who had attempted suicide because she had been sexually abused by a family member and had been living in the destruction of Family violence.

After falling behind in rent they were evicted from their home. Alone and with nowhere to turn, Anna had no option but to make the decision to live in the car to ensure their safety. 

Life is difficult for Anna but she ensures the kids go to school and is trying to keep their family together.

"I knew there would be gifts for the little ones at Christmas time, but when my daughter and I received a bag each filled to the brim I could do nothing but cry at the look on my daughter's face. She felt like everyone should feel... special." 

"I can’t thank you enough for the sunshine you bought to our Christmas Day and beyond. You made our family feel loved.”

Want to host a virtual #ItsInTheBag collection or hold an #ItsInTheBag party? 

We just love how our community gets behind #ItsInTheBag and gets creative when it comes to collecting and packing bags. Whether it's getting the girls or your family together and packing your bags or hosting a team bonding activity in your workplace or school, your support goes a long way and makes a huge difference. 

Register to let us know that you are hosting an #it'sInTheBag party or virtual collection this year so we can support you. By registering you will also be given an online donation page so any friends, family or work colleagues that can't be part of the party can make a donation towards bags being packed or so you can collect donations instead of products if you can't all be together this year.

Any donations you receive will be tallied into a total amount raised and any donation over $2 will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt for any donation over $2. 

It's so easy - simply click register and follow the steps. Once registered you will have access to tools and resources for your party or virtual collection.  

What does living in poverty mean?

It is unbearable to think that Aussies are living without the basic needs of life. This means not enough food, for themselves and their family, in some cases no roof over their head and no money to pay for clothing, education, or health and medical expenses. It is recorded that over 3.2million Aussies are living below the poverty line and in 2019 173,000 women turned to the homelessness services. A number expected to increase because of the impacts of COVID-19. 


48,720 Women

44,000 Children