Our Board

Proudly working to end period poverty

Group photo of the seven members of the 2023 Share the Dignity Board

The aim and approach of Share the Dignity’s Board, with Managing Director and Founder Rochelle Courtenay, is to develop, implement, and maintain a culture and standard of good corporate governance, respected by both internal and external stakeholders, including our partners and sponsors. 

The Board has in place protocols to ensure systems and processes are in place to protect the charity’s reputation and assure all donors, sponsors and other parties can have complete confidence in their donations.

The Board is committed to ensuring that principles of good governance are implemented openly and with integrity, commensurate with our broad objectives. All Board Directors, Executive Management, Employees, and Volunteers are passionately committed to sharing dignity and safety across Australia.

Our Board Members

Simon Tolhurst
Share the Dignity board member Rochelle Courtenay
Rochelle Courtenay
Executive Managing Director
Share the Dignity board member Jennifer Witheriff
Jennifer Witheriff
Deputy Chairperson
Share the Dignity board member Matt Smith
Matt Smith
Share the Dignity board member Shayne Gilbert
Shayne Gilbert
Share the Dignity board member Michelle Taupau
Michelle Taupau