Indigenous Menstrual Health

Many remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities do not have access to clean water, working toilets, and cheap period products. At Share the Dignity, we are committed to giving all Australian's access to period products and ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have the tools they need to make this happen. We've worked with a team of researchers to assess the issue and understand how Share the Dignity can assist in empowering these communities with the tools and education they need to combat period poverty.

In many remote communities across Australia, the cost of period products is much higher due to freight costs and lack of competition in these areas. We distribute thousands of packets of period products to those in need in remote communities across the country to ensure that they are still empowered to take control of their period.

We've also committed to installing a number of our Dignity Vending Machines into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community centres to give them access to free period products if they are in need.