If you cannot find the answer you're looking for in the below FAQs, please contact us via the 'contact us' tab for further assistance.


Who is Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity is a national charity working to end period poverty in Australia. We work hard to ease the burden of period poverty to those living in period poverty because we believe access to period products is a right and not a privilege. We ease this burden through our two Dignity Drives each year, our It's In The Bag campaign and events such as DigniTea and Move 4 Dignity. 

I donated products online but will they be sent to my home or to Share the Dignity?

Charities tell us that period products are the last thing to be donated but the first thing to be taken by those in need.

If you donated via our Shop or donated via shopping online with one of our corporate partners, you can be assured that the item/s will not be shipped to you and will be donated to someone in need.

I’m looking for financial support

Share the Dignity's mission is to end period poverty and ensure that all women have unrestricted access to sanitary items. We do this through the donation and distribution of sanitary items including pads, maternity pads, incontinence pads, new reusable pads, tampons, period-proof underwear and menstrual cups. Any donations must be brand new, still sealed in their original packaging and must comply with Australian quality standards. We do this because no woman should have to choose between a tampon and a meal.

We understand that the issues facing women, both here in Australia and around the world, are not limited to period poverty. There are a huge number of organisations and resources available to support women with a range of issues, including healthcare, counselling, financial support and safety. Share the Dignity encourages any woman seeking information or advice on these matters to contact a medical professional that they trust, or they can contact 1800 Respect (www.1800respect.org.au or 1800 737 732) or Ask Izzy (www.askizzy.org.au) to help find the best resources for their situation.

Share the Dignity is not a healthcare provider, nor are we able to provide direct financial support. Our focus remains on providing women and girls in need with access to sanitary items, so that they are not forced to choose between dignity and a meal.

If you, or someone you know needs the support of a resource outside what Share the Dignity can provide, please get in touch with 1800 Respect or Ask Izzy.


We are a charity/shelter and would like to register to receive donations

Thank you for your enquiry, and for wanting to help make a difference to the lives of those in need. Share the Dignity supports the efforts of organisations like yours, who work with those in need throughout the year.

We endeavour to meet all requests for donations, however, Share the Dignity is reliant on the donations of period products and toiletries from our incredible supporters in order to fulfil these requests.

please use the contact us page of our website to get in touch.

Dignity Drive

What Sanitary Items Can I Donate?

We accept donations of period products including pads, maternity pads, incontinence pads, brand new reusable pads, tampons, period-proof underwear and menstrual cups. We collect this variety of period products, so everyone in need receives their preferred period product.

All donations must be brand new, still sealed in their original packaging and must comply with Australian quality standards.

Where Can I Take Donations?

Your local Woolworths store will have a box near the checkouts plus we will have a full list available of all our registered collection points on our website during March and August.

I Didn’t Register to Become A Collection Point in Time

You are more than welcome to set up your own internal collection drive and ask friends/family/colleagues/your local community to donate period products.

We love seeing how the public collect donations - you can use any kind of collection container you like, and there are a range of downloadable resources available on our website that you can print out to decorate your collection container.

Also, during the Dignity Drive (March & August) you can drop off any donated items to any of the registered collection points for the entire month. During March and August, you can find your closest registered collection point via our Dignity Drive webpage. 

Move 4 Dignity

What is Move4Dignity 

Move4Dignity is a virtual exercise event that will be running throughout the month of October. Everyone who registers will set their own exercise goal and create a fundraising page. This page is a place where they can share their progress and collect donations for Share the Dignity.  

When does it start?  

Registrations for Move4Dignity will open in July, and fundraising is encouraged up until the end of October. The virtual challenge is running throughout the entire month of October.  

How do I register?  

Simple, choose whether you will run or walk, yoga or move your own way and select register.  Enter your details to confirm your registration and set up your fundraising page.  

Who is Share the Dignity?  

Share the Dignity is an Australian Charity aiming to end period poverty in Australia. Our mission is to ensure that people experiencing period poverty have the dignity of access to period products to manage their period because these items are a basic human right, not a privilege. 

How do I fundraise?  

Let people know you’re participating via social media and tell them why you’re so passionate to help people all around Australia doing it tough. People can then donate to your cause through your fundraising page. 

Does it cost money to get involved?  

It’s $25 for an individual and $20 if you’re part of a team to register. This fee will include a participation medal and a certificate at the completion of the challenge. All profit raised from registrations and any fundraising from the campaign supports women in crisis and Share the Dignity’s mission.  

Will I be emailed a receipt for my donation?   

Yes. Share the Dignity is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission and is a tax-deductible gift recipient (DGR). A tax receipt will be issued to you for any donations over the amount of $2. Please note that the registration fee or any merchandise purchased is not a donation and is not tax-deductible.  


It's In The Bag

I have a bag/bags ready, but it is outside the campaign time

As a predominantly volunteer-based charity, Share the Dignity doesn't have the facilities, resources or Shero-power to organise collections of It's in the Bag donations outside of the official campaign which runs at the end of November.

We ask, wherever possible, for you to hold onto your completed It's in the Bag donations until the campaign opens - we advertise the dates and locations for donations extensively across our website, social media channels, newsletter and through our corporate partner network.

Waiting until this campaign is running means that we have the logistics and volunteers in place to best handle the donations, and they get to the women and girls who need them most, just in time for Christmas.

What can or can’t go inside the bags?

If you’re already preparing for the 2020 It’s In The Bag campaign, we are firstly so impressed by your organisation and secondly wanted to remind you of what is needed in each bag:


Essential Adult's bag:

  1. Pads/ tampons
  2. Shampoo
  3. Conditioner
  4. Toothbrush
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Roll-on deodorant
  7. Soap or Body wash


Essential for Nappy bag:

  1. Maternity pads
  2. Breast pads
  3. Newborn nappies
  4. Baby Shampoo
  5. Baby Conditioner
  6. Toothbrush
  7. Toothpaste
  8. Roll-on deodorant
  9. Baby Soap or Body wash
  10. Disposable nappy bags
  11. Baby wipes
  12. Dummies
  13. Nappy rash cream


Essential for Teen bag:

  1. Pads/tampons for young bodies
  2. Shampoo
  3. Conditioner
  4. Toothbrush
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Roll-on deodorant
  7. Soap or Body wash


Unfortunately, we cannot accept these items:

  • Pharmaceutical items (including condoms, throat lozenges, paracetamol and ibuprofen)
  • Food and drinks
  • Sharp objects (including razors and scissors)
  • Loose tampons and pads


The bag itself needs to be in good condition but can be a pre-loved handbag or backpack.


It is with great sadness that we had to announce the cancellation of our 2020 DigniTea events due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The safety of our volunteers, guests and staff are, as always, our highest priority.

We are already working on the 2021 DigniTea which will be held on Saturday the 29th May 2021.

We will continue our hard work to ensure those across the country are afforded the dignity they deserve. In times of crisis, these people are still the most vulnerable with a higher likelihood of being exposed without access to items they need. We ask that you keep this in mind and consider a charity donation over an extra packet of toilet paper during these turbulent times.



How do Share the Dignity volunteers help?

Share the Dignity volunteers help primarily through collecting donations from the public and distributing them to local charities. This happens mostly during our Dignity Drives (March and August) and our It's In The Bag campaign (November). We also have leadership roles available which are more hands-on, administrative roles and operational. Once you have registered as a volunteer, your state leader can give you more information if you wish to take on a leadership position.

How much time per week do your volunteer roles require?

Our Shero and Hero roles take an average of three hours a week during our major drives and campaigns. A Share the Dignity volunteer first of all looks after business collection points and delivers to a charity near them for our Dignity Drives and our It's In The Bag campaign. If you would like to volunteer with us, please visit the volunteer page for more information and to sign up.