Share the Dignity in Queensland schools

Dignity Vending Machines helping to eradicate period poverty

At Share the Dignity, we are passionate about empowering and supporting people to live a life of dignity and safety. To ensure those who are most vulnerable have access to pads and tampons, we will continue installing Dignity Vending Machines in public toilets, charities, homeless hubs, domestic violence refuges, community centres, hospitals and schools in low socio-economic areas across Australia. We are also installing machines in Aboriginal Health Services that are continually working on improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples menstrual health.

The Queensland Government shares our passion to foster positive educational outcomes and alleviate emotional distress for students in need, by allowing them to focus on their education rather than on accessing supplies to manage their period. The Share the Dignity in Queensland schools initiative is proudly sponsored by the Queensland Government to help end period poverty.

The Dignity Vending Machine is a world-first innovation that dispenses a free period pack, with six tampons and two pads, at the push of a button. Share the Dignity purchase and supply the specially made #PeriodPacks in the Dignity Vending Machines. Each Dignity Vending Machine is programmed with a delivery delay of 3 minutes to ensure no period packs are wasted.

Registering your interest for a Dignity Vending Machine

Queensland Department of Education staff are encouraged to visit the department’s OnePortal page to register their school or contact for more information. Registrations are open!

Period Talk

As part of our commitment to ending Period Poverty in schools, you now have access to an exciting program – Period Talk!

Period Talk is a resource created to ensure we have a generation of children and young people who are informed and at ease talking about periods. Over the space of 3 classes, you will have access to a set of videos led by children and young people, animations and activities, where students will learn much more than just the basic mechanics of menstruation. They will explore and understand the cycles, different types of sanitary products that are available and think about periods from a human rights and environmental impact perspective.

The program has been written in line with the Australian Curriculum, with input from HPE teachers from around Australia and endorsed by the University of Western Sydney.