Educating with Period Talk

Educating our kids and smashing the shame and taboo around periods, one classroom at a time!

Share the Dignity realised whilst it was important to help end period poverty, it was important to provide education around menstrual literacy. That’s why we have teamed up with Period Talk.

Period Talk is a fully comprehensive, fun, engaging and informative menstruation specific education program aimed at boys and girls in years 5-8. A complete stand-alone teaching package to be taught over four weeks, presented by kids for kids, covering every menstruation topic imaginable:

  • The cycles
  • Periods and the environment
  • PMS
  • Nutrition, pain management and stretches
  • Sanitary products – which, what, how, when and where
  • What happens to our bodies and our minds
  • Boys and periods
  • How different cultures manage their periods
  • Periods and the homeless
  • What a healthy period should look like

Each program includes

  • Four downloadable PowerPoint presentations including videos, animations and FAQs 
  • in-class PDF activities with supporting worksheets and teacher’s notes.

All this value for just $99