Educating with Period Talk

Educating our kids and smashing the shame and taboo around periods, one classroom at a time!

Share the Dignity realised whilst it was important to help end period poverty, it was important to provide education around menstrual literacy.

That's why we have teamed up with Period Talk.

Period Talk Education Program

Presented by Share the Dignity

Period Talk is a fully comprehensive, fun, engaging and informative menstruation specific education program aimed at boys and girls in years 5-8.

A complete stand-alone teaching package to be taught over four weeks, presented by kids for kids.

Period Talk - Boys can talk about periods too

Period Talk covers every menstruation topic imaginable

- The cycles

- Periods and the environment


- Nutrition, pain management and stretches

- Sanitary products – which, what, how, when and where

- What happens to our bodies and our minds

- Boys and periods

- How different cultures manage their periods

- Periods and the homeless

- What a healthy period should look like

The Period Talk Program is an easy to follow, grab and go, classroom ready comprehensive health program

Detailed teacher notes, resources & lesson plans

11 supporting videos presented for kids, by kids

2 informative & easy to understand animations

Supporting activities PLUS 6 bonus videos!

The Period Talk program been created in conjunction with Health and Phys Ed teachers, in line with the National and State HPE Curriculums. 

Each program includes all the material you need to deliver well thought out and effective lessons about menstruation.

Use the Period Talk program to normalise the conversation around periods and open your kids' minds to the positivity and power of the menstrual cycle.

Looking for a creative way to remove the shame and stigma surrounding periods?

Enter our

Creating Period Pride Competition
We are asking young Australians in schools and community groups to create ‘Period Pride Media’ to inspire, entertain and get people talking about periods!

Educating our kids and smashing the shame and taboo around periods, one classroom at a time!