Charities we Support

We are here to help those experiencing period poverty

At Share the Dignity, we do not discriminate on who we help, if you are experiencing period poverty, we are here to help you.

It doesn't matter your history, how you identify, your race, your criminal record, if you are experiencing period poverty, we are here to support. We work closely with charities to ensure we're reaching those in desperate need of period products.

We work with thousands of charities across the country to provide donated period products and It's in the Bag donations to women, girls, and anyone with a period needing support. 

Without the relationships with our charity partners, we cannot reach those in desperate need of help, please register as a charity below and help us end period poverty.

Gabi's Story

After suffering mental health issues, Gabi experienced homelessness at the age of 22 years old.

She experienced first hand the difficulties of living without the basic essentials of life. After receiving an #ItsInTheBag from Share the Dignity filled with essentials, Gabi told us how she felt loved and cared for. Something she hadn't felt in a long time.

Clare's story

A story that always sticks with the Share the Dignity team is Clare's, an amazing young mother who was experiencing period poverty while trying to support her young children.

Clare had a choice to make that day, she'd just gotten her period but she needed to buy baby formula and food for herself and her children. The choice was obvious, she had to feed her family. 

In an attempt to take control of her period, Clare visited the laundromat and found a stranger's lost sock. She had no other option but to use it as a pad.

This story broke our hearts, it's difficult to imagine having to make a decision between period products and food for your family.  

Register your charity

If you represent a charity helping those experiencing homelessness, victims of domestic violence or people in crisis, please register as one of our charity partners now.

Before our collection drives, we send an email to our charity partners asking how many donations the people they help require.

Each drive we do our best to meet these requests and have our amazing volunteers deliver your requests directly to your charity.

Two Shero volunteers with bags from It's in the Bag