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Will help to provide a bag filled with essentials like shampoo and conditioner, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and period products.
Will help to provide a bag that’s extra special, filled with the essentials, as well as some additional gifts like stationery, jewellery, perfume or sunglasses.
Will help to provide a bag for a mum and her baby. It includes a handbag for mum with the essentials and some additional gifts, as well as a nappy bag containing essentials like nappies, wipes, bath wash and dummies.
Will help to provide up to 10 bags filled with essentials as well as some additional gifts to show we care. For some these will be their only gifts this Christmas.

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We receive upwards of 100,000 requests from charities across Australia for It's in the Bag donations to be distributed to. Whilst a testament to the importance of these bags, this is not an easy feat.

Last year, we were able to send 1,500 bags filled with love to regional and remote communities.

In 2021, we are aiming to send 4,000 bags to women and girls who desperately need our help. These bags will be packed in September and sent on their way, ready to arrive in time for Christmas. For some, their only gift this Christmas.

No woman or girl should ever have to live without the basic essentials. Sponsor a bag today and make a life-changing difference.


Help us raise $350,000 to send 4000 bags into remote and regional communities. Your support will ensure that women and girls have access to the very basic essentials.

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#ItsInTheBag donations make a life-changing difference

During one of our Founder Rochelle’s visits to a remote indigenous community, she heard an experience of a local petrol station worker. During one of her shifts, a woman had run inside, very frantic and distressed and it was obvious that she was looking for something. She had visibly leaked from her period onto the floor.

She watched the lady grab a packet of pads off the shelf and run straight into the bathroom without paying for the products. After the worker had time to contemplate her options, the lady returned from the bathroom, left the remaining pads from the packet back on the shelf, and quickly left the store.

This very same community has countless stories of students and teachers missing school, not only because of their period but because of a lack of access to all basic hygiene items. The scary reality is that many women and girls are living a life where owning a toothbrush or deodorant is a luxury.

Remote communities are some of the hardest-hit communities when it comes to crisis. For Share the Dignity they are also often the last to receive our products. This is because of the logistical and expense barriers associated with reaching these areas. This year we are making it our mission to ensure that these vulnerable communities receive the support and dignity that they deserve. 

We need you to help play a part in this. It is so easy to make a difference. Please donate today.

It's more than just a bag, we need your help

While $49 might be easy to let go of on a night out or a gift for a loved one, for some, it is the ability to get through another week. There is a lot that needs to be done in this space to ensure pride and dignity. 

When women don't have enough money to feed or care for their families each night, sacrifices are made. This often impacts their abilities to care for their personal hygiene. This has greater impacts on things like school attendance and mental health. 

That is why it is so important that together we take action so that we can provide relief to these communities.

#ItsInTheBag provides hope for many. A gift, simply filled with essential products and love ensuring that women and girls can live the dignified life they deserve.

It's more than a bag. Give the gift of hope and dignity

Sponsor a bag to gift on your behalf

Your bag will be packed by our volunteers

Sponsored bags will be delivered to someone in need

Your gift will show someone they are loved

Want to host a virtual #ItsInTheBag collection or hold an #ItsInTheBag party? 

We just love how our community gets behind It's in the Bag and gets creative when it comes to collecting and packing bags. Whether it's getting the girls or your family together and packing your bags or hosting a team bonding activity in your workplace or school, your support goes a long way and makes a huge difference. 

Register to let us know that you are hosting an #ItsInTheBag party or virtual collection this year so we can support you. By registering you will also be given an online donation page so any friends, family or work colleagues that can't be part of the party can make a donation towards bags being packed or so you can collect donations instead of products if you can't all be together this year.

Any donations you receive will be tallied into a total amount raised and any donation over $2 will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt.

It's so easy - simply click register and follow the steps. Once registered you will have access to tools and resources for your party or virtual collection.  

Any physical It's in the Bag donations can be donated to collection points at Bunnings stores between 19-28 November 2021.