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Could help to provide a bag filled with essentials like period products, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste.
Could help to provide a bag that’s extra special, filled with the essentials, as well as some additional gifts like stationery, jewellery, perfume or sunglasses.
Could help to provide a bag for a mum and her baby. It includes a handbag for mum with the essentials and some additional gifts, as well as a nappy bag containing essentials like nappies, wipes, bath wash and dummies.

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Why sponsoring #ItsInTheBag is so important, you can help make a difference 

The poverty rate in Australia is worse than in most other developed countries. Currently, 3.24 million people in Australia (13.6% of the population) live below the poverty line. If you break this down, that is more than one in eight adults and one in six children who are living below the poverty line. This means that a lot of people are unable to care for their physical and emotional needs.

For some, they are skipping meals and rationing food. Some are skipping doctors’ appointments and medication, compromising their basic needs such as going without period products for their menstrual hygiene management.

That is why #ItsInTheBag has grown to become one of Australia’s most loved Christmas giving campaigns. A season filled with love and gratitude for the ones surrounding us and a time that is more popular for extending this to those less fortunate.

Unfortunately, whilst this campaign has grown to become known and loved, we cannot collect enough bags to fulfill the charity requests that we receive from the 2,700+ charity partners that we have across Australia. In 2020 we received over 140,000 requests for #ItsInTheBag donations and collected 95,000 bags, which left a gap of over 45,000 requests that we were unable to fulfill... leaving women and girls without at Christmas time. 

Poverty affects 3.2 million Australians

You can help girls like Gabi and provide the gift of dignity this Christmas by making a donation to sponsor a bag filled with the essentials 

Gabi found herself homeless, at the age of 19 because of her mental health. She received an #ItsInTheBag donation and tells how the bag was life-changing to receive. 

"There was uncertainty each day of where I was going to sleep and who would let me stay with them?" 

"When I received my bag I was so happy, it meant more than just a toothbrush and some pads, it was love. It was like someone was giving me hope and still cared." 

"When you are thinking day by day about where you are going to live, you are not thinking about do I have a toothbrush. But when you receive these bags and see some of the extra special items like mascara, you feel more able to talk to people and like you can actually conquer anything." 

By making a donation today you are helping girls like Gabi, you are giving them hope and dignity. Something we all deserve. 

Gabi has now become a Share the Dignity 'Change Maker' and is helping to use her voice to show the power that an #ItsInTheBag donation can have. Gabi has also selflessly turned her next birthday into one a little special. If you would like to support Gabi, you can here

It's more than a bag. Give the gift of hope and dignity.


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Want to host a virtual #ItsInTheBag collection or hold an #ItsInTheBag party? 

We just love how our community gets behind It's in the Bag and gets creative when it comes to collecting and packing bags. Whether it's getting the girls or your family together and packing your bags or hosting a team bonding activity in your workplace or school, your support goes a long way and makes a huge difference. 

Register to let us know that you are hosting an #ItsInTheBag party or virtual collection this year so we can support you. By registering you will also be given an online donation page so any friends, family or work colleagues that can't be part of the party can make a donation towards bags being packed or so you can collect donations instead of products if you can't all be together this year.

Any donations you receive will be tallied into a total amount raised and any donation over $2 will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt.

It's so easy - simply click register and follow the steps. Once registered you will have access to tools and resources for your party or virtual collection.  

Any physical It's in the Bag donations can be donated to collection points at Bunnings stores between 19-28 November 2021.

Two Shero volunteers with bags from It's in the Bag