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Purchase a pair of limited edition socks that make a real, on the ground difference for women, girls and those who menstruate.
Rochelle with a pair of bloody good socks

All profits raised from Bloody Good Socks go directly towards our mission to end period poverty. Your purchase will help make a real on-the-ground difference in the lives of those experiencing period poverty.

Please note that we currently only offer shipping within Australia.

1 Pair of Bloody Good Socks

Purchase a pair of limited-edition Bloody Good Socks.

3 Pairs of Bloody Good Socks

Purchase 3 x pairs of limited-edition Bloody Good Socks.

10 Pairs of Bloody Good Socks

Purchase 10 x pairs. Great for school fundraisers.

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Bloody Good Socks 2024

The 2024 Limited Edition Socks are a Bloody Good Conversation Starter!

As always, our Bloody Good Socks are limited edition and once they're gone - they're gone forever! This year features a bright pink sock with two varsity stripes and a red embroidered drop with a heart in the middle.

Use these socks as a conversation starter and spread the word! By having these conversations we can help remove the shame and stigma associated with periods.

Thank you for your support

These socks have been designed to start important conversations around the issue of period poverty, and how we can work together to achieve menstrual equity. Period poverty affects 1 in 5 people who menstruate as they cannot afford to buy period products.

We'd like to thank all those who purchased a pair in 2023! Don't miss your chance to be a part of this years limited edition design and make a difference with every step.

Bloody Good Socks Highlights

Using newspaper, socks, and toilet paper instead of tampons or pads is a harsh reality for those experiencing tough times, homelessness and poverty.

are having to use improvised period products because they cannot afford to buy them.

Your purchase will help provide free and dignified access to period products to those who are struggling with period poverty.

Rochelle holding a pair of socks and toilet paper

"I couldn't believe that women and girls were using socks to deal with their period because they had no other choice"

Rochelle Courtenay 
Founder and Managing Director of Share the Dignity

Real Stories

Imagine having to use a strangers sock you found in a laundromat to take control of you period. This is what Clare had to do when she was faced with the decision between buying period products or feeding her children.

So many women and girls across the country have to make these difficult decisions when they are faced with the reality of period poverty. At Share the Dignity, we work hard to change this.

We believe no woman or girl should ever be faced with the decision of food for her family or tampons.

Your support will help ensure that women and girls can have free and dignified access to period products.

Resources for Schools

We want to spark the conversation around periods to help remove the shame and stigma but that isn't always easy, especially with kids. That's why we created these socks, to help you start conversations about menstruation.

You can host a crazy sock day at your school! Or, gift them to your teachers so that the students have the opportunity to start the conversation. 

Resources for Workplaces

We have created a range of tools and resources for your workplace that will help spread awareness on what Bloody Good Socks are, and how we can work together to end the shame and stigma around menstruation!

Gift the socks to your staff and use it as an opportunity to bring together the office, and discuss the shame and stigma around menstruation in your workplace.

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