Handbags with Heart is closing

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that as a charity we need to ensure that we can withstand the challenges that the world may throw at us. Upon reflection of the direction of Share the Dignity, it is with a heavy heart that we announce that Handbags with Heart no longer has a place within our charity for now.

Our online store originated in 2016 and was devised as a way that allowed our community to easily support the women and girls who go without the basic of essentials. Since then, our small but mighty organization has had some serious growth in the number of programs and ways people can get involved but our Handbags with Heart store has really struggled because of the impacts of COVID-19.

People have not been able to leave the house as often, meaning less need for handbags. Additionally, we have been unable to host our DigniTea events across the country, where a large amount of the Handbags with Heart sales take place.

In the last few weeks have held a 50% off sale to reduce the amount of stock. The sale has been successful, but the profit margin on the bags at 50% isn't much. All of the profits from the bags was directly supporting the women and girls that need us.

This was not an easy decision but two of our key values as a charity are integrity and passion. It is our upmost importance that the funds we raise through the community are used to generate the most impact for the women and girls who are going without the very basic of essentials and that we are transparent with you, our community of supporters whom we are so grateful for each and every day.

We hope that you can understand and appreciate our decision and continue to support us through the many other ways that you can get involved.

We have very limited stock left, so if you have been eyeing off a bag that you haven’t yet purchased, get in quick as June 30 will be your very last chance.