Liz's I'm A Celebrity Win!

02 May 2023

Thoughts from our Founder, Rochelle on Liz's I'm a Celebrity win:

On Sunday night I was sitting on my couch eagerly watching I’m a Celebrity and crossing my fingers Liz Ellis would win.

When Dr Chris Brown opened the envelope and announced Liz had won I was ecstatic!! I couldn’t believe it. Liz had gone on TV, spoken about periods and advocated for a charity that provides period products and won!

There were some absolutely awful things Liz had to do on TV, things that I couldn’t stomach, but it also made me think about all the women and girls we help. Everyday they are having to roll up toilet paper to put in there undies, or leave period products in for a dangerously long time, things we would never want to do and things we would never want our daughters to have to do.

On the flipside of it, seeing Liz on the big screen talking about periods made me think how far society has come. 8 years ago when I started Share the Dignity you were hard pressed to find images of people holding period products.

 I was also told periods couldn’t be spoken about on morning TV... how far we have come since then.

Thank you Liz. Thank you for choosing Share the Dignity as your charity of choice, not only because the money will have an incredible impact on the people we help, but thank you for your advocacy.

I hope anybody watching I’m A Celebrity saw such an important role model talking about periods and period products, and it started just one more conversation about period poverty and the importance of menstrual equity for all.