Red Lily Health (Jabiru, NT) gets a #PinkBox

Share The Dignity installed a PinkBox Dignity Vending Machine at Red Lily Health in Jabiru in the Northern Territory in May this year.
?Located 254km from Darwin, Red Lily Health has a mission to empower Aboriginal people of the West Arnhem region to address the health issues they face through providing effective primary health care services.
Alicia Smith Red Lily Public Health Team Leader said, “Red Lily and Share the Dignity are extremely passionate about supporting the social determinants of health in communities to enable Bininj people to take health back into their own hands which can create an increase in positive health outcomes.

“Red Lily Health is very excited about our partnership, and we just want to thank you – Share the Dignity for being a part of our extended family. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our two organisations” she continued.
The Share the Dignity team would like to thank our Corporate Partner Woolworths Supermarkets for sponsoring this machine.

PinkBox Dignity Vending Machines dispense a free period pack with six tampons and two pads in it. The machine is there to help women, girls, and those who menstruate. Share the Dignity purchase and supply the specially made by Libra period packs in the vending machine or otherwise known as the #pinkbox.

Share the Dignity is proud to place Dignity Vending Machines in areas where those in need will have access to them. We believe that access to period products is a right, not a privilege and that no one should ever have to choose between eating and taking control of their period.