Share the Dignity expects donation requests to soar this March

06 Mar 2023

Share the Dignity is worried about the impact the rising cost of living will have on their Dignity Drive

Share the Dignity is worried about meeting the demand of period products for their bi-annual Dignity Drive as the cost of living sees an increase in “The Working Poor”. 

The rising cost of living has seen an influx of people reaching out to specialist homelessness services, with homeless services now providing support to low-middle income earners who are struggling to make ends meet according to the Australian Homelessness Monitor 2022 report

Share the Dignity’s Dignity Drives allow people to pay it forward and support women, girls and anyone with a period who is experiencing or at risk of homelessness, domestic violence or poverty, but as the cost-of-living increases, Share the Dignity has seen donations decrease.  

Throughout March, Woolworths will donate 5 cents from the sale of every period product purchased to help fund Share the Dignity’s Dignity Vending Machines. Collection boxes have also been placed in all Woolworths supermarkets nationwide, where customers are able to place donated period products. 

Share the Dignity Founder and Managing Director Rochelle Courtenay said rising cost of living causes a ripple effect and as people close to her struggle to make ends meet, she also worries about the charities and people who rely on the period products Share the Dignity collects. 

“A close friend of mine has two young children and reached out to me asking me to pick her up period supplies. Between medical bills for the kids, rent and everything in-between she didn’t have money spare to pick up period products when her period suddenly came,” Ms Courtenay said. 

“It broke my heart but made me realise how many Australians are struggling right now. 

“Share the Dignity works to ensure those escaping domestic violence or experiencing homelessness have equitable access to period products, but the number of people needing support is skyrocketing due to the current cost of living crisis.”

Since 2019, Woolworths donations have helped fund 107 of Share the Dignity’s Dignity Vending Machines, which dispense free packs of pads and tampons and are located in community centres, homeless hubs, charities, Aboriginal Medical Services, hospitals and other areas where there is a need across Australia. 

Woolworths Head of Community and Sponsorships, Sarah De La Mare said: “We’d like to thank all of our customers who have donated to Dignity Drives over the years as their generous contribution has helped provide access to period care for many Australians. We hope this month’s Dignity Drive will continue to support those experiencing period poverty and help provide menstrual equity for all.”

Supporters can drop-off donations at all Woolworths supermarkets and a number of nominated businesses nationwide throughout March or donate via the Share the Dignity website.

Share the Dignity strongly believes those experiencing period poverty should be able to choose which period product they use, so collect all period products in their original packaging including pads, tampons, menstrual cups, period undies, reusable pads, as well as incontinence aids.