Share the Dignity has a new look

19 Sep 2022

It’s hard to believe Share the Dignity is 7 years old, I can’t believe how much has changed in that time. From collecting 450 packets of pads in one month in 2015 to collecting 200,000+ in one month in 2022. Seeing so many packets of period products get into the hands of those that need them is so special.

But in that time what has blown me away is not just how many products we have been able to get into the hands of those who need them but also the cultural change. In seven years we have seen big corporations like Woolworths and Bunnings get on board ending period poverty, we have seen our Government start to take action and listen to us, and we have seen a slow shift on how we talk about periods. Periods are no longer something that needs to be hidden, it is something we are working on ensuring our next generation of movers and shakers are out and proud about.

Naturally over seven years Share the Dignity has also started to shift and change and we have added a lot more programs and initiatives under our wing. In early 2015 our only focus was to collect period products and now in 2022 we still collect period products twice a year but also collect bags filled with essential items, have launched Dress for Dignity a pre-loved fashion marketplace to raise funds, encourage thousands of people to Move for Dignity each October, are motivating kids to show how period pride they are through a Creating Period Pride competition, encourage thousands of our supporters to unite and raise funds through our DigniTeas, and are organising the world’s first three day forum on period poverty this October.

We now wear many hats but in everything we do we are always working on ensuring everyone is afforded the dignity in life that so many of us take for granted. While as a charity we have shaped and grown we want to ensure we stay recognisable as Share the Dignity in everything we do.

Which brings me to our exciting piece of news, we have refreshed our brand!

The first logo was designed in 2015 when I first started Share the Dignity by one of my clients when I was a personal trainer. It has served us so well for 7.5 years and is something I feel our Sheroes and our audience has really connected to. So, while we refreshed our look, I really wanted to ensure the hands weren’t lost and I am so happy with the results.

I feel like this is an exciting step forward. All year I have been saying we are going into high school and sometimes you really find yourself and who you are during your high school years. All of our different initiatives will be easily identifiable under the new branding and of course our signature hot pink will remain, just with some extra additions.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, we are the same old Share the Dignity with the same mission and the same goal, we are just a little bit cleaner and refreshed.

Now back to work ensuring women, girls and those who menstruate don’t have to use socks newspaper or wadded up toilet paper for their period.