The numbers are in for our August Dignity Drive!

15 Sep 2022

The initiative launched over 7 years ago, our Dignity Drives see dedicated volunteers compile period products donated by the local community at collection points across the country. The generous donations are then distributed to our 3000+ charity partners, who ensure they reach the people who need them most.

With the cost of living increasing across the country, almost 3 million Australians are currently living in poverty. Women especially, face disproportionately high rates of poverty and extreme poverty when compared to their male counterparts, making period poverty a serious issue facing Australians from coast to coast.

This was reflected in the number of donations requested by our charity partners. This August Dignity Drive we had the highest number of requested items, ever. But thanks to the generous support of Australians across the country we were close to meeting the increased demand. 

Our Bloody Big Survey found more than 1 in 5 women report having to ‘improvise’ on period products due to affordability, Share the Dignity’s campaign to supply free period products and end period poverty has never been more crucial. Through the direct action of Dignity Drives, people can make a difference by responding meaningfully to the needs of their most marginalised community members.

For this year’s August Dignity Drive, Share the Dignity is proud to report a total of 212,723 period products donated to collection points across the country, which were then distributed to 1,190 charities working to support Australia’s most vulnerable. Over 1000 Woolworths stores participated in the drive, clocking a staggering 106,019 donations between them.

Our founder, Rochelle Courtenay said she was so grateful to see Australians pull together and donate over 200,000 period products at a time when so many were dealing with cost of living pressures themselves. 

“Through our partnership with Woolworths, the passion of our dedicated sheroes [Share the Dignity volunteers], generous donors, and every one of the 749 businesses that got on board as collection points this year, we were able to celebrate our largest Dignity Drive to date and send more than 200,000 period products out to those directly in need," she said. 

"I am so thankful for the hard work of every person and business who got involved in this drive and what that will mean to members of our community who are doing it tough.”

Share the Dignity will kick off its first Dignity Drive of 2023 in March next year and businesses, charities, and volunteers can get involved. 

If you’re still looking for ways to make a difference to those living in poverty across Australia, Share the Dignity accepts donations year-round. To get involved, donate here to help Share the Dignity end period poverty and dignify the most vulnerable among us.