We launched a Podcast!

28 May 2024

Yep, we’ve gone and launched Another Bloody Podcast! It only seemed fitting that our first episode to drop on Menstrual Hygiene Day! In our very first episode our Founder, Rochelle opens up about her past like never before.

Rochelle talks about her own experience with family and domestic violence.

“I always tried to be the biggest clown in the room because I always tried to fill the void in our home that was heavy and dark”

And how that led her on her journey to start Share the Dignity.

“My trauma came from growing up with that. I don't think I started to deal with that trauma until my mid forties. I had to open those doors to start unpacking the healing.”

Our first episode is out now and episodes will continue to drop on the 28th of each month. Laugh and cry with us each month as Rochelle hears and shares real and raw stories with changemakers, donation recipients, charity partners, and volunteers.

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