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Vending Machine

In February 2024 we installed our very first commercial Dignity Vending Machine at Australia Zoo. Get in touch with us to see how you too can support your employees and patrons with access to free period products. 

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Did you know...

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4 out of 5 Australian women and girls are effected by PMS.1

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2 out of 5 Australian women have called in sick to work due to their period.2

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Nearly half of Australian girls have skipped school due to their period.3

Initiatives which support those in your workforce and community who menstruate could save the Australian economy up to $9 billion in lost productivity4.

1. Ju, H., Jones, M., & Mishra, G. D. (2014). Premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea: Symptom trajectories over 13 years in young adults. Maturitas, 78(2), 99–105.2. Connory, Jane and WhyHive, (2021), ‘Period Pride Report: Bloody Big Survey Findings: Australia’s largest survey on attitudes and experiences of periods’.
3. Ibid
4.  Figures estimated based on economic data from and findings from Share the Dignity’s Period Pride Report (2021) as cited above.

Image of the Commercial Dignity Vending Machine and Dignity Dispenser options

Join the Menstrual Movement!

Commit to taking meaningful actions through leasing our Dignity Vending Machine (DVM) or purchasing our Dignity Dispensers. The machines dispense a specially designed Period Pack containing 6 tampons and 2 period pads, offering a choice of product and ideally enough to support anyone through a full day of menstruation.

By installing a DVM or Dispenser n
ot only are you supporting your employees but the funds raised through this program increase your impact by helping to fund our mission and the vulnerable communities that we support.

At Share the Dignity, we are passionate about empowering and supporting people to live a life of dignity and safety.

Together we can ensure that everyone is afforded the dignity in life that so many of us take for granted.

Dignity Vending Machine

Our Commercial Dignity Vending Machine is designed with your space in mind. It showcases a clean, minimal design with its purpose front and centre: providing free period products to those who need them. 

This machine offers the benefit of telemetry records which will assist you in optimising the location and/or awareness of your machine to get the greatest benefit for your employees and patrons. This will also alert you when stock is low and the machine needs to be refilled.

Image of the Commercial DVM with some features listed as Telemetry Records, Wall mounting, and protections against vandalism and misuse
Corporate Dispenser with highlighted features such as its small and compact design, automatic refill of period products, and no power connection needed

Dignity Dispenser

Our Commercial Dispenser is designed for small spaces. It can be mounted to any wall, including framework and lower load bearing walls. It showcases a clean, minimal design with its purpose front and centre: providing free period products to those who need them. 

The Dignity Dispenser is a great option for small bathrooms or bathrooms without access to power. It dispenses one product at a time with reserve product automatically dropping down.

Downloadable Resources

Find out more about our Commercial Dignity Machines and which option is best for you.

Commercial DVM Info Doc

Commercial DVM Info Doc

Commercial Dispenser Info Doc

Commercial Dispenser Info Doc

Commercial DVM & Dispenser Comparison Doc

Commercial DVM & Dispenser Comparison Doc


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Members of the Share the Dignity Team smile while holding period products

About Share the Dignity

In 2015, Share the Dignity was founded after identifying there was a genuine need to provide vulnerable women in our community with essential sanitary products. It was reported that these women were often forced to choose between buying food to eat or buying expensive sanitary items to get through their periods. Women and children, either homeless or in shelters, were having to clean themselves in public toilets and use paper towels to create makeshift sanitary pads.

This is not and should never be okay.

From a grassroots local community initiative to a national charity, Share the Dignity has struck a chord with the Australian public and continues to evolve in order to provide for the needs of at-risk women and children. Working tirelessly with over 6000+ volunteers, the charity has been able to deliver over 4 million packets of pads and tampons and over 800,000 essential filled handbags to Australian women and girls.

Share the Dignity continues to grow with the support of passionate volunteers and the generosity of Australian businesses, ensuring that everyone is afforded the dignity in life that many of us take for granted.

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