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We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful no matter their circumstances.

Gift a woman spending Christmas in a domestic violence shelter with Dignity Dollars so that she can choose a new dress from Dress for Dignity, Share the Dignity’s pre-loved fashion store. Proceeds help support our mission of ending period poverty in Australia.

Often women arrive at domestic violence shelters with nothing but the clothes on their back.

By gifting a woman with Dignity Dollars, you are giving her the gift to go shopping and choose something special that makes her feel beautiful. Your heartfelt gift will remind her she’s not alone and that you’re thinking of her this holiday season. 

All Dignity Dollar donations go towards Dress for Dignity vouchers which are given to domestic violence shelters that have registered to participate. The voucher is then gifted to a woman in need so she can choose her own dress from the Dress for Dignity website.  

Dignity Dollar vouchers

The idea of Dignity Dollars was inspired by one woman’s 'It’s in the Bag' story.

A few years ago, an It’s In the Bag’s recipient received a clothing voucher as a thoughtful extra in her handbag. When she met our founder Rochelle a year later, she shared how this gift changed her life. With her voucher she was able to buy herself a new dress which she wore to a job interview and guess what - she got the job.

A simple yet thoughtful gesture and proof that one dress can change a life.  

We hope that every woman who receives Dignity Dollars has their life changed for the better because of one dress. Whether it be a new job or simply that they feel beautiful, loved and worthy of the dignity we all deserve. 

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