The Bloody Big Survey Report

Share the Dignity is on a mission to end period poverty in Australia.

We know that in order to do so a multi-pronged approach is required. Yes, we need to get period products into the hands of those that are unable to afford them, but we also need to remove the shame and stigma associated with menstruation. We also need to educate boys, girls, women, men and everyone in-between. If we can’t comfortably talk about periods, we can’t address period poverty.

This data will be used to change the conversation and smash the shame and stigma around periods, and importantly, affect lasting change in ensuring that all Australians have access to education around menstruation and period products when they need them.

We launched our Period Pride campaign on International Women’s Day 2021. While the work Share the Dignity had done so far has had an enormous impact, we still have so much more to do. Period Pride aims to remove the shame clouding periods, spark discussion and gain insight into the issue of period poverty. That’s why we conducted our Bloody Big Survey on menstruation. 

To make an on the ground difference in ending period poverty, Share the Dignity requires evidence-based data to prove the social, personal, and financial impacts of menstruation among Australians. The Bloody Big Survey presented in this report is that data. 

The Bloody Big Survey was run online using Typeform software and was comprised of 28 questions. A total of 125,205 participated in the survey which was open for 13 weeks from 1 March to 31 May in 2021. We recognise the crucial research conducted through other surveys in Australia recently, but a brief review of these shows that the Bloody Big Survey has the largest number of participants.

The Bloody Big Survey was accessed online by over 125,000 people in Australia and across the world.

To date, it is the largest survey of its kind and covered a broad demographic.

The average respondent was a woman aged between 32 and 40 who lived in Victoria, worked full time, and identified as non-religious.

About the report

The Period Pride survey was conducted from 1 March to 31 May 2021, with a total of 125,205 respondents. The data was cleansed and analysed by the dedicated team at WhyHive, and analysis written by Dr Jane Connory of Swinburne University of Technology.


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