Help end period poverty

Thank you for donating to our March Dignity Drive

Collection points are now closed. You can still donate online or post your donations to PO Box 345 Virginia QLD 4014. Help us end period poverty again in August!

Our goal in 2024 is to collect 500,000 period products as part of our March & August Dignity Drives

Menstruating isn't a choice

but those experiencing period poverty often have to choose between purchasing period products or other essential items just to get by.  They shouldn't have to choose...

That’s why twice a year in March and August, we call on Australians to donate period products through our Dignity Drive, to be distributed to our charity partners across the country. By donating period products you will ensure women, girls and those who menstruate who are experiencing or at risk of domestic violence, homelessness or poverty have access to period products when they need them. 

We accept all products in original packaging, including pads, tampons, reusable pads, period undies, menstrual cups and incontinence products.

Since Share the Dignity was founded in 2015, we have collected and distributed over 4 million period products to those who menstruate - thanks to your kindness and generosity.

Some people are forced to choose between buying period products, or food to eat.

Help end period poverty

We accept unopened packets of pads, tampons, menstrual cups, period undies, reusable pads and incontinence aids at our collection points nationwide each March and August. 

A woolworths team and a group of Share the Dignity Sheroes pose beside a Dignity Drive collection box

Donate at Woolworths

Each March and August you can donate period products in the pink collection boxes at all Woolworths supermarkets and select businesses.

A woman using her laptop to donate online

Donate Online

Make an online donation.
Just $5 can provide a pack of period products to someone who needs it. 

A woman sending a package of period products to Share the Dignity

Mail Your Donation to Us

Mail your donations to us.
Share the Dignity
PO BOX 345, Virginia, QLD 4014

Thank you Woolworths

for helping us end period poverty!

We are so grateful for Woolworths' incredible support of our biannual Dignity Drives. To date, their 5c donations from every period product sold in March and August has allowed us to install an additional 109 Dignity Vending Machines. 

With Woolworths’ support we are able to have national collection points for our Dignity Drives in March and August at every Woolworths supermarket. 

All year round you can make a tax-deductible donation at the checkout or while online shopping to help those experiencing period poverty.

In March and August Woolworths donates 5c from every period product sold to help fund our Dignity Vending Machines, adding to the $2.6 million donated. 

Everyone experiencing period poverty deserves the right to their dignity.

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Frequently asked questions

When are your Dignity Drives?

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Our Dignity Drives run every March and August.

What period products can I donate?

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We accept donations of brand new sanitary and period products including pads, tampons, maternity pads, incontinence pads, reusable pads, period-proof underwear and menstrual cups.

We collect this variety of period products, so everyone in need receives their preferred period product.

All donations must be brand new, still sealed in their original packaging and must comply with Australian quality standards.

Where can I donate?

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A full list of all registered collection points is on this webpage during the months of March and August.

I have items for It's in the Bag, can I donate them too?

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As Share the Dignity is a predominantly volunteer-based charity, we don't have the facilities, resources, or Shero power to organise collections of It's in the Bag donations outside of the official campaign which runs at the end of November.

We ask, wherever possible, for you to hold onto your completed It's in the Bag donations until the campaign opens. We advertise the dates and locations for donations extensively across our website, social media channels, newsletter, and through our corporate partner network.

Waiting until this campaign is running means that we have the logistics and volunteers in place to best handle the donations, and they get to the women and girls who need them most, just in time for Christmas.

If you have missed the cut-off, please mail your generous donation to us at Share the Dignity, PO Box 325, VIRGINIA QLD 4014.

I would like to register to become a collection point, how do I do this?

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In the months before March and August, there will be an opportunity to register your business or workplace as a collection point on this page.

You are welcome to purchase a collection box from our website or alternatively create your own and decorate it. There is also a link to resources and posters at the bottom of this webpage. Once registered, one of our volunteers will be in contact with you to arrange a collection of the generous donations you have received. Our volunteers will then distribute the products to our charity partners who will give them to those in need. 

Please note: whilst we will do our best to have a volunteer collect donations from your organisation, this may not always be possible. In this event, we will work with you on an alternate arrangement to collect donations.

I didn’t register to become a collection point in time for the next Dignity Drive, what should I do?

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You are more than welcome to set up your own internal collection drive and ask friends/family/colleagues/your local community to donate period products. You can use any kind of collection container you like, and use our downloadable resources to decorate your collection container.

If you collect items but aren't a registered collection point please ensure your donations are taken to one of our official collection points before the end of the drive so our volunteers can deliver your amazing donations to our charity partners. 

How can I register my charity to receive donations? 

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If you are part of a charity that would like to begin receiving donations from our drives, please register via the button below. If you are part of a charity that has worked with us before, please keep an eye on your inbox. We will be sending out request forms to be completed approximately two months before the beginning of a campaign. 

Register your charity

I’m registered as an 'internal' collection point, what do I do with my donations after the drive is over?

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Hold on tight to your donations and a Share the Dignity Shero will be in contact with you towards the end of the Dignity Drive to organise pickup.