Fabulous Forty!


I’m supporting Share the Dignity's #ItsInTheBag

This year has been...well not exactly what any of us were expecting! It sucks arse turning 40 when half my friends are in states with closed borders. It’s a pretty minor problem though, compared with the hundreds of thousands of women and children who experience homelessness and/or flee domestic violence each year. So if you were thinking of getting me a gift, I would instead be so thrilled if you would make a tax deductible donation to Share the Dignity's #ItsInTheBag appeal.

Each year over 134,000 handbags and backpacks are donated to women and girls doing it tough. The bags are filled with basic essentials like toiletries, period products, nappies for babies, and notes of encouragement. Your donation will mean that bags can be put together and donated on our behalf.

Thanks for giving me the greatest gift of all - helping women and children in need!

About Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity works to make a real, on the ground difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, or doing it tough. 

When someone is doing it tough, the last thing on their mind should be dealing with their period. Share the Dignity assists those in need by collecting thousands of period products each year through collection drives and campaigns and distribute them directly to charities across Australia.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Susan & Andy

Happy Birthday Fabulous & Forty 🥳 Wishing you a fab day, week, month, year Love us Xx



Happy Birthday Janine. Hope your day is made as special as you are. 😊


Nick & Jenna Smith

Happy Birthday hope to see you soon


Janine Ferris


Angela Quinlan

Happy Birthday Janine! What a fantastic cause, and such a ‘Janine’ thing to be so thoughtful for others on your birthday. Love you girl, have a great day! ❤️