March 2023 Dignity Drive

Dignity Drive Virtual collection 2023

TMR virtual collection page for anyone wanting to support the annual Dignity Drive and help those living in period poverty.

This March, please help TMR raise funds to help supply period products to be distributed to Share the Dignity's registered charities across the country. 
All donations will make a big difference and change someone's life by helping to provide period products to women and girls. 
Share the Dignity is an Australian charity working to end period poverty through supplying period products to those in need. They work with a range of charities across the country to distribute items directly to those in need. Without support from the community, Share the Dignity cannot run, they need our help to end period poverty.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rebecca Boon

Thank you for leading and representing us, Jess


Jill Fitzhenry



Thanks for doing this


Rochelle Janssens

Thanks for organising <3




Jessica Mitchell


Melanie Stewart


Alicia Gronert

Awesome work Jess :)


Sharlene Dows

Well done Jess, you are making a difference.


Geoff Hewton


Virginia Buckley



Thanks for providing the opportunity to donate virtually!


Jessica Mitchell