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Move4Dignity - Run

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Bronwyn Wood


Ruth Gaspar


Gaye Lonard


Ali F

Good luck Jess!!


Michael Lonard

Go Jessie! Go Jessie!


Vera Gaspar


Rebecca Hoad

Awesome charity. Run Jess Run


Jennifer Jackson


Mark Muncaster




Vicky Jorna

Good work!


Heather Moses


Lisa Glenday




Jess Tidd

Good on you Jess !!! You are a champion. I love this organisation and I love that you are getting involved. Go you good thing. Love Jess


Jody Howell

Go Jessie go!


Sarah Egan

Great work!!


Simon Marcus

You can do it


Donna Marcus

Well done Jess!! Happy running!


Sarah Rettke


Rochelle Smith


Lauren Bianchi

Go Jess!! You've got this. xx




Jessica Lonard


Tracey Youssef


Kathryn Marcus

Good work Jess


Kym Stapleton


Renee Holmes


Brooke Halliwell


Tracey Hobbs