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As some of you know, I volunteer for Share the Dignity during their Dignity Drives in March and August, and their It's In The Bag campaign in November.  I love helping other Sheros across NSW collect and deliver sanitary items for women in need.

It isn't something you think about - access to sanitary items when you are struggling to pay your rent or feed your family.  Share the Dignity helps take away that extra stress for women in need.  

Any contribution is welcome and appreciated!  And hey, you're paying to force me to exercise!!! 

Share the Dignity is an Australian charity working to end period poverty through supplying period products to those in need. They work with a range of charities across the country to distribute items directly to those in need. Without support from the community, Share the Dignity cannot run, they need our help to end period poverty.

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Day 30

Friday 30th Oct
Hit my 100km this morning.  I'm a little bit proud of myself!  It wouldn't seem like a big feat to some people, but it was for me.  From doing little exercise to walking 3-6km most days.
Bonus was i really enjoyed it!  Especially walking along the water on clear warm mornings!  It's so lovely down there.
I fully intend to continue with the walking.  I enjoy it.  The pledge to walk 100km in October got me out when i did walk, but the enjoyment is what will keep me going.
Obviously the health benefits are a bonus.  Whilst weightloss is high on my list, so is reshaping my body, increasing my fitness level.  And the mental health benefits!  Can't go past that!
I'll continue to post walkign photos i think too - i get some lovely shots while i'm out and about.  But won't be shoving them down people's throats.
I'm so grateful for people donating.  I had donations from people i would never have expected (and haven't had any from some i did?!)
But either way - I met my commitments, I've helped Share the Dignity with more money so they can keep doing the amazing job they do.  
I feel good.  And not everyone is afforded that luxury.  ♥

Almost There!

Tuesday 27th Oct
Was worried the rain was going to hang around all week, as predicted, and I wouldn’t be able to finish the 100! Tried out a treadmill, at least that was out of the rain. Man, didn’t like that!
Luckily, was able to get 6 done today. Only 12 to go! Easy! 

Love this view!

Thursday 15th Oct


Thursday 15th Oct
Day 15. Have just finished an hours walk. Wanted to do 6km as I didn’t walk yesterday. Was pretty knackered. Donated Plasma instead. Got my 6km done in just over an hour. I feel like I tense when I walk. Need to loosen up. 
Had a stretch after and sat by the water doing this update. How lucky am I that I live near this view! I’d forgotten how much I love it. Makes it so much easier to keep motivated!
On track for my km and fundraising goal. Feels pretty good. 
Also feels good to have this new habit!! Looking forward to feeling better and seeing some physical changes. 
Home for coffee and cereal. And a late start to my work day! 

Day 8

Thursday 8th Oct
Had a rest day yesterday, it was raining and i was tired.
Had a walking buddy today, the time went so quickly while we were chatting away!  I'm loving starting my day with exercise.  Really helping with my mood and mental health.  The exercise in general is great.  I know I should have been doing this all along.  I may even do a couple of km this afternoon if it isn't raining!
On track for my 100km - but i'd really like to go over that.  A few big walks planned for the weekend.  More time to be out for longer.  
I love walking down along the bay, it's gorgeous in the mornings!  I get excited at the thought about doing this every morning through Summer.  Bring on the better mental & physical health.  And hopefully fitting into those dancing costumes better for December!! :)

Day 4

Sunday 4th Oct
Didn’t walk yesterday. But slugged it out in the garden for 6 hours!
But. That isn’t Kms walked - which is my pledge. 
So, did almost 6km this afternoon along the bay. I miss that view!  Going to be better when I go in the AMs. Was packed today. People everywhere. BBQ’s cooking, Shisha pipes going. 
And it was WINDY!!! But I kept a steady pace. Might need better shoes. And I enjoyed it!! 
4 days in, 12/100km done. $200 of my $500 goal. 

Day One

Thursday 1st Oct
Was excited to get my shoes on and start walking! Definitely a bonus of doing #move4dignity is the added benefits all this exercise is going to give me!! 
Started out at a pretty good pace and kept it up the whole way. Was nice to have uninterrupted audio book listening time too! 
Hips are a bit sore. But they’ll get used to it.
Bring on day 2! 

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Good Work Sham Chowder!


Anita Taylor

Well done Sam. I’m so proud of you! Love mum


Bernie Taylor

Proud of you!! Keep up the great work 😘


Helen Trenberth

Don't forget to stretch luv!!! Good luck xxx


Julie K

Great cause Samantha...


Colin Taylor

Go Sam! What a great cause. Well done.


Jess, Nath, Heath And Aiden

So Proud of you for doing this. Such a great cause


Zoe Taylor




Great effort Sam and great cause. I am happy to support you.


Raphael Mcphillips

Congratulations Sam!! What you've achieved is pretty amazing. R


Rodney Lewis

Go Girl


Jason Cox


Alicia Scanlon

A worthy cause and a great way to raise $$. Keep up the walking! I’ll be following the daily updates.


Maureen Barrett

What a legend! x


Mikaela Hadfield

Great work Sam x


Benjamin Wade


Jo Wilton-smith

Well done Sammy!


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Go Sam :) xx


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Great work Sam, good on you and well done!


Big Sis



Well done Sam, what a great achievement xxx


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Way to go Sam xx





Well Done Sammy 🧡


Fiona Rykers

Awesome Work Sam! Great cause and happy to help out.


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You are awesome x


James Boyle


Samantha Taylor