Sarah Woodland

Dignity Drive Virtual Collection August 2021

I have created a virtual collection page so that I can continue to support the annual Dignity Drive and help those living in period poverty.

Due to lockdown in New South Wales, August Dignity Drive collections are predicted to be majorly impacted. But the reality is that periods don't stop and across Australia, period poverty is a real thing. 
Please support me today to ensure that this doesn't have to happen again this August. All donations will make a big difference and change someone's life by helping to provide period products to women and girls. 
Share the Dignity is an Australian charity working to end period poverty through supplying period products to those in need. They work with a range of charities across the country to distribute items directly to those in need. Without support from the community, Share the Dignity cannot run, they need our help to end period poverty.

My Updates

Why I'm joining the Drive

Tuesday 3rd Aug
In the last three years, I've had the great privilege of working on a number of women's leadership programs, engaging with community members locally as well as participants from overseas. I've been struck by the common, fundamental issues we face as women to have our voices heard and our needs recognises, from something as basic as women's bathrooms and changerooms in workplaces, to political representation, to choosing our own career paths. 
By working with amazing, strong women, I've learnt so much, perhaps most of all, that my voice does matter, and if I speak up, I can create change. 
Period poverty should not exist in a first world country, or in fact, in any country. Let's raise our voices as women, dispel the misconceptions and taboos around our bodies, and step forward into the light, where we speak freely and our health needs are no longer only talked about behind closed doors! Let's end period poverty!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Elizabeth Mahoney

Great work Sarah!


Laura Carew

Such a great cause - love your work Sarah!


Tshering D Tamang

Great Initiative. Thanks 😊


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Kylie Cooper

A great cause, thank you!


Rebecca Parry

Best wishes Sarah, I try to contribute to a period poverty cause every year. Love your work!


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Bronte Thompson

Thanks for the amazing work! This cause is so important.


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Auntie Sue

Good work Sarah!




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