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I'm fundraising for Share The Digni

Share the Dignity is an Australian charity working to end period poverty through supplying period products to those in need. They work with a range of charities across the country to distribute items directly to those in need. Without support from the community, Share the Dignity cannot run, they need our help to end period poverty.

This October I’ll be walking 100 kilometres to raise awareness and money to help women in need have the basic essentials to boost their dignity and self worth. Help me support this terrific charity. 

Even $1 will help ❤️

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Day 22

Thursday 22nd Oct
200km done and dusted!!!!! Woo Hoo 💯💯💯

Day 21:

Wednesday 21st Oct
Walk to park ✔️ 1 hour walk around park ✔️ Walk to gym ✔️ 1hour weights class ✔️ Walk home ✔️ 15km ✔️

Day 20

Tuesday 20th Oct
Clouds and showers won’t stop me! 11km ✔️ 180km done...20km to go 😉

Day 19

Monday 19th Oct
An easy paced walk from home to the Botanical Gardens and back...9km ✔️ 169km done...31km to go 😎

Day 17:

Saturday 17th Oct
Walk to gym ✔️ Yin Yoga clas. ✔️ Walk home via the park ✔️ 10.5 km ✔️

Day 16:

Friday 16th Oct
Walk to gym ✔️ Treadmill ✔️ Walk to Double Bay ✔️ 12km ✔️ 150km done...50km to go 💕

Day 15:

Thursday 15th Oct
Walk to gym ✔️ 1 hour spin class ✔️ Walk home ✔️ Walk to Alexandria ✔️ 15KM ✔️ 138km done...62km to go 😎

Day 14

Wednesday 14th Oct
Walk to gym ✔️ 1 hour weights class ✔️ Walk home ✔️ 123km done and dusted!!! 77km to go 😎

Day 13

Tuesday 13th Oct
1hour boxing ✔️ Walk to Bondi ✔️ Frolic in water ✔️ Walk home ✔️ 11km ✔️


Monday 12th Oct
An easy 7km to reach the 100km mark 😊 100km down, 100km to go 😉 Half way there 💕💕💕

Day 11

Sunday 11th Oct
Sunday 😊

Day 10

Saturday 10th Oct
Walk to gym ✔️ Yin Yoga class ✔️ Walk home ✔️ 9km ✔️ 93km done...107km to go 💕💕

Day 9

Friday 9th Oct
A lovely walk through Centennial Park today...12km there and back. 84km done and dusted, 116km to go 😁

Day 8

Thursday 8th Oct
Walk to gym ✔️ Spin class ✔️ Walk through Hyde Park ✔️ 8kms ✔️ Let’s do this! 😉

Day 7

Wednesday 7th Oct
Coffee ✔️ Walk to gym ✔️ 1 hour of weights training ✔️ Walk home ✔️ 9kms ✔️

Day 6

Tuesday 6th Oct
1hour boxing ✔️ Walk to Bondi ✔️ Bondi to Coogee walk ✔️ 12.16km ✔️ 55km down, 145km to go ✔️

Day 5

Monday 5th Oct
Home to Camp Cove Beach...2hours, 11.7km 😊

Day 5

Monday 5th Oct
Home to Camp Cove Beach...2 hours...11.7km 👍

Day 3

Saturday 3rd Oct
Walk to gym ✔️ An hour yoga class ✔️ Walk home ✔️ 9.4km 😁

Today’s effort...

Friday 2nd Oct
Walked from home to the Opera House and back via Kings Cross, Wooloomooloo, Botanic Gardens, Macquarie Street and Hyde Park. 9.6kms...😁

My T Shirt arrived!!!

Friday 2nd Oct
Came home from today’s walk to find my Share The Dignity T-shirt had arrived. Can’t wait to wear it...

Today’s effort...October 1st 2020

Thursday 1st Oct
First day of the October challenge done and dusted...
Walked from home to Bondi Junction and back...popping into Centennial Park along the way...
Just over 11km on my Fitbit  ❤️❤️

200km it is!!!

Sunday 27th Sep
OK folks...I’ve raised over $1000 thanks to your support and generosity, double my goal of $500!!! 👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️
As promised, I’m doubling my commitment  in return. 
Starting this Thursday, I’ll be walking, not 100km, but 200km during the month of October 😁

Almost there!!! Just $40 to go....

Tuesday 22nd Sep
$40 more!!! 
 Just $40 more and I’ll have raised $1000, double my goal.  😁
I’ll double my pledge and will walk 200kms during October in return!!!
Thanks to the team at Gentle Dental Care Double Bay for your donations, kindness and generosity ❤️ 

Help me double it!

Monday 21st Sep
I pledged to walk 100kms, hoping to reach my goal of raising $500.  You guys have helped me raise over $800 so far!!!  Thank you all so much...it’s such a great cause.
So, I’ll double my kilometers if I reach double my goal...let’s go for it eh? $1000!!! Make me walk 200kms during October!!!
Wooo hooo...❤️

I’ve reached my goal ❤️

Sunday 13th Sep
I’m so overwhelmed by the generosity of people! I’ve reached my donation goal of $500 this morning. 🥳
My pledge was to walk 100km during October...well, the more donations I receive, the more kilometres I’ll walk.
Let’s do this...😉👍

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Joanna Kalowski

This is ten times Chai! Life! Thank you for what you do. You are a real leader.


Agnes Herman


Miryana Power

Go Tessa, so proud of you!!!


Cilla Wober

Good on ya Birdie! Don’t fly too hard & fast xxx


Trina Donkin



Sandra Colantoni-short

Great cause


Anita Moss


James Dawkins

Love your work Tessa - youse are alright! J & L xx




Cynthia Talone

Way to go!!!


Lorraine Silk


Annie Chapelle

You are an amazing woman xx


Joseph & Bruce


Selah Choi

Go Tess! You are brilliant!


Heidi Martin

Well done Tessa ..... I’m still happy to be your official photographer !


Tog And Tull Harper-qua

Great cause! Go you! Xxx



Go girl


Antony Talone

Love ya!




Tessa Qua


Catherine Lee


Sharon Harris

Excellent cause


Cooper Marshy Qua

We love you!!


Vanessa Marmot


Katherine Koukoulas

Tess such a wonderful cause! Good on you. Good luck with completing the 200kms!


Amelia Scheidel

Go Tessa! Great cause xx


Andrea Edwards

Go Tessa! Tell Share The Dignity about silicone menstrual cups. One can be used for years. Simple and hygienic alternative to paper based sanitary products



Move that sweet ass Toss 👍 what a great cause xx


Di Bird

Great cause darl well done you


Sushmita Karki

Love you for your work



This is so nice from you Tessa!




Dan Barnett

Go Tessa