Hearts Minds and Flowers #pinkbox

By Veronica Arnold

In 2021 the Hearts Minds and Flowers community is aiming to raise $10,000 toward a Dignity Vending Machine, affectionately known as a #pinkbox

$10,000 freaked us at first... but to break it down that's 100 of us raising $100 - not so scary now!  

Up for it? If yes then this is how you can help

** Any $ donation no matter the size would be gratefully received, and a tax deductible receipt if over $2 will wing its way directly to you from Share the Dignity - just click on this link and Donate.

** Be a part of events members of our tribe are planning this year in Oz to celebrate all things Period Pride and raise much needed funds toward our goal. Stay tuned for more info!

Why Share the Dignity & a #pinkbox?

Nobody who experiences a period should go without period products - and no one should miss out on school, work, play, or food as a result. That is exactly what happens to many of our fellow Australians.  

The Dignity Vending Machine (DVM) dispenses a FREE period pack which has six tampons and two pads in it. The machine is there to help those in need.  $10,000 will be enough to create and install a DVM with enough product for 12 months.  

As $'s are raised they are installed in Charities, Homeless Hubs, Domestic violence refuges, Community centres, Hospitals, Aboriginal health services, Public toilets, and schools in low socioeconomic areas.  

Thank you to my Supporters


Virtus Heritage

Wonderful cause well done



Great initiative V. Good luck.



Here you go - its over a $100 rest easy for today


Love To Assist

I love your passion and such a great initiative. Good luck V. Mx