Sponsor a Bag today to help someone like Gabi

Gabi became a part of the Share the Dignity family back in 2016 when she received a bag full of life’s essentials as a part of our #ItsInTheBag appeal. Living in a homelessness shelter after a suicide attempt, Gabi was facing extreme challenges that are unimaginable for most, at the age of just 22.

When others her age are graduating from university, travelling and starting their careers, Gabi had other things on her mind. Looking beyond the basics to get through the night was not an option.

“There was that uncertainty every day of where was I going to stay,
who would let me stay with them?”

Receiving this bag was a huge turn-around for Gabi. It was a gift that meant more than just the physical items, it gave her hope for the future.

"I was so happy when I received my bag. It meant more than just a toothbrush and some pads...
It was love, it meant that someone still cared."

Even the simplest of gestures can make the biggest difference. A bag full of items that many of us take for granted for someone struggling to get through the day is a life-changer.

“The essentials, they make all the difference. You know, a good shower can really make a difference.”

When so many Australians are grateful to just receive the essentials, imagine what a gift like mascara or a book could do to make someone feel loved again.

It tells someone that they are worthy of life, happiness and dignity. That there is no judgement on the past and to look towards the future. Everyone deserves to feel loved and dignified, we can all play a part to make that happen.

With over 3 million Australians living below the poverty line, you really can help make a difference, one bag at a time.

By sponsoring a bag today, you can help to provide dignity to someone like Gabi.

Gabi is now an empowering young woman who is using her voice and experience to help others who are experiencing hardships and help raise funds to provide the same gifts she once received.

“All I remember is the card said, ‘be unique,’ and at the time that was something I struggled with, was a sense of self. So, for something to say it was okay, it was quite powerful.”


So, whether you put together your own bag and add a special touch to show you care or make a donation to have a bag packed on your behalf; you will be helping to provide to a woman or girl in need who would otherwise go without this Christmas.