Change a young woman's life

Every Christmas there are millions of Australians living in poverty, many not knowing how where they will be sleeping, what they will be able to eat or even if they will receive the smallest of gifts for the holidays.

Our annual Christmas appeal, #ItsInTheBag, to date has provided over 600,000 bags full of life’s essentials to those doing it tough, whether they are living in domestic violence shelters, experiencing homelessness or simply unable to afford these items.

Each year, we work with local charities around Australia to provide donated bags and products to women and girls in need. Unfortunately, we struggle to meet the growing demand, which means young girls, mothers and disadvantaged women are going without period products, soap, or even a toothbrush. This is unacceptable.

We launched Sponsor a Bag in 2020 to help fill this gap and make it easier for people to donate from anywhere, without having to put a bag together themselves.


Sponsor a bag today


Your donation will help to provide an #ItsInTheBag to someone doing it tough and provide hope for the new year. The impact that these bags can make on a young girl or a new mum is unimaginable.

Whether you put together a bag yourself and fill it with love or make a donation to have a bag packed on your behalf, you can be assured that you truly are making a difference in someone’s life, providing dignity and hope.

Every woman and girl deserves to feel loved, safe and valued. So many women doing it tough are in need of someone like you, who can help turn their life around with a simple gift.

With thousands of requests coming in from our partner charities, we need your help to ensure that no one goes without the most basic of essentials. Help make a difference today.


Gabi is an incredibly inspiring woman who has faced extreme difficulties in her life, at the age of just 22. She knows all too well the real difference #ItsInTheBag can make in a woman's life.

With your help, together we can provide the support that people like Gabi need.