Nikkita Andrews

Dignity Drive Virtual Collection August 2022

I have created a virtual collection page so that I can continue to support the annual Dignity Drive and help those living in period poverty.

A lot of us have periods, but not all of us have access to sanitary products such as pads or tampons. I'm fundraising for Share the Dignity because I find it absolutely terrible that so many women and people who menstruate find themselves in positions where they can't afford or don't have access to the necessary sanitary items to make them more comfortable and feel dignified during a time of the month that can't exactly be switched off without Birth Control. 

 All donations will make a big difference and change someone's life by helping to provide period products to women and girls. 
Share the Dignity is an Australian charity working to end period poverty through supplying period products to those in need. They work with a range of charities across the country to distribute items directly to those in need. Without support from the community, Share the Dignity cannot run, they need our help to end period poverty.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Nikkita Andrews