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No person should ever have to be disadvantaged, embarrassed or alone.





With the lingering impacts of COVID-19 and ongoing natural disasters affecting everyday Australians, the demand for access to period products is growing.

With over 3.2 million Australians living below the poverty line and the numbers rising, it is critical that our services are available and accessible to those that need them. Our services are life-changing.

With over 2,700 partner charities requesting more than 94,000 products each year, we know that this problem is not going away any time soon, it is only getting worse.

This is why it is so important we are able to continue our work, you can help play your part in helping to give the gift of dignity that everyone deserves.


We have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go.

When Share the Dignity first started in 2015, we could have never imagined the impact we would have. 6 years in, we have donated over 2.8 million pads and tampons and it breaks our hearts to learn the unimaginable stories behind each and every person who has received from us.

The reality is...

People who menstruate are skipping work.

Students are missing school or skipping meals.

Parents are choosing between food for their family or their own personal health.

Period poverty is real and prevalent here in Australia.




Over the last 6 years, we have learnt that this is a bigger challenge than just distributing period products to those in need. Period poverty is more complex and in order to fix this, we must first better understand the state of period poverty here in Australia and be able to develop educational tools and resources, open and encourage more conversations and begin to challenge the shame and stigmas associated with menstruation.

In 2021, we are conducting Australia’s first research piece, which will provide data on the extent that period poverty affects Australians. This data will allow us to advocate for change, educate and raise awareness and remove the barriers involved for those impacted by period poverty.

Your donation will help with reshaping the conversations being had about menstruation and provide a new narrative and challenge the status quo.